Thursday, March 5, 2015

DNA of Homo-sapiens : "India's Daughter"

"India's Daughter" is sparking quite a row worldwide and most importantly in India. I do not understand why ? Come on, we are adept at killing daughters for long time now. The sole difference is we kill daughters before they see the life.

Leslee Udwin, a
n Israeli born documentary film maker is holding the mirror for all men who think like Mukesh Singh. Their identities really do not matter. They are all Mukesh Singh for that matter. We are not ashamed of it, rather we are proud of it and attribute it to male dominating society which per se showcases egos of men who have their moral compasses turned completely South. And most interestingly, our brutal thinking towards women has been recognized by other countries and has shaken them so vigorously that they felt the urgent need to tell it to world. 

What are we thinking ? Which world are we living in ?

A documentary and an interview with convict with no remorse at all can never put light on the atrocity and barbarity which was on wheels on cold December night of 2012. India's daughter is just a minute version of the acts these people committed that night in just 20 minutes of ravaging from 2134 hrs to 2154 hrs. One cannot even imagine the ghastly acts committed by these savages. These men could send chilling terror down the spine of every citizen who came to know about the dastardly manner in which the act was executed ensuring victim should not remain alive.

Its but distressing patience of Constitution of India and judicial system which gives equal rights of representation to every man in relation to any crime, even Kasab was represented legally. Even law identifies with the prudence of common man when it comes to sentencing for any crime whatsoever. It keeps in mind the conscience of a layman who would want holder of judicial power to sentence the convict in appropriate manner after knowing his acts. So in toto judicial system works as per conscience of a man of ordinary prudence. And in this case it proved it yet again that such criminals are a threat to society and they should be removed from it.

Unimpeachable and utmost professional acumen by Delhi Police was openly commended by the Sessions Judge who tried the 16/12 case originally. A 237 page judgement including most of it describing their inhumane act by Sessions Court plus Order of sentence of 47 pages, the case was investigated with impeccable and unquestionable investigation process if we go through the facts and findings of the case and which brought justice home in dot 9 months. Kudos to all these men who lived with this barbarity till the sentence pronounced and probed into it to more deeper levels than anybody even knows.

Its wrong to say police does nothing, it does if it comes to.

All convicts sentenced to death and now waiting in the dark of it hanging in front of them. There is no point accusing them of being insensitive and deprecatory because these  men, they do not belong to human race. These men do not belong to civilized society, and quite interestingly, everyone else who belongs to their cadre is standing right with them and advocating not to air and show the reality of these barbarians to the world out there. Being proud of something heinous is their right and privilege.

In fact question / concern should be : When did these savages gained entry into human DNA and while it was happening, what "WE" were doing to stop them from becoming so. We cannot just blame the system for the damages because we let it happen due to our inability to stand against such barbarians. We overstepped our boundaries of protecting a child for his misdemeanors, and we are doing it yet again by coercing producers of this film not to air it. We are conducting dharnas, rallies, public meetings just to save our ugly face. Where were all these people when society they belong to was and is still killing daughters inside their very homes. Why is it that India in its history has never saw any protest being made to save males or male child ?

Community has been providing protection to people involved in such acts, its a collective conscience even in legal system which determines the quantum of sentence to convict. What can we do, when WE as a community have no clear conscience which might differentiate right to wrong in absolute manner. Why do not we protect our girl child when she comes to a womb, or do we need theatrics to make our point. There is no point screaming when we selectively recognize incidents. Do we really need a platform for saving our daughters ! Every daughter is India's Daughter.

We have white collared people who are in consonance with this convict's mindset. So should we think that this man is speaking the brains of all those politicians, influential or not so influential people, khaps, panchayats led by the makers of this breed or to consider people in rather vicinity are those who have killed a girl before she took birth.

So what is the question now ?

This documentary should not be given permission, because we are ashamed of our brutal faces to be made public and let it be known to world that we kill daughters and have male dominating bestiality towards women !
Should such documentaries be shot and spread worldwide and made mandatory to be seen to let people know that human DNA has undergone a brutal change, compromised to the extent that steps must be taken right away at their doors and in their homes lest it becomes a homeland for savages and beasts !
I think
if we can see it inside, 
we can restore it outside... !!

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